2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS

2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS

Vehicle Specs

  • Engine:4.8l V8
  • Transmission:Auto
  • Body Style:Wagon
  • Trim:Black leather and alcantara
  • Colour:Black (solid black)


This Porsche Cayenne is the GTS model, which is different from the other cayennes as it coming out standard with many features that are otherwise options.

The easiest way to pick the difference out on the road is the side windows, which come standard with black trim on the GTS (rather than silver on all the other Cayenne models) plus the body styling with side skirts, large rear roof spolier, turbo front, rear underbumper apron, flared wheel arches and what you are unable to see is the extra power.


The suspension is lowered 85mm permently, so even in the five air bag suspension settings the vehicle always remains low.

22 inch wheels, with adaptors spacing the wheels out exactly flush with the guards giving a wider stance.

Sport exhausts baffles are modified so the sports note is loud and constant.

Rear 'Cayenne GTS' badge is blacked out.

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