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Making a claim
What you must do when you make a claim
  1. Call us immediately
  2. Report to police
  3. Prevent further loss
  4. Assist us with your claim
  5. Provide proof of ownership
  6. Allow us access
  7. Pay your excess
  8. Make your damaged property available
  9. Track your claim with Claim Mate
What you must not do when you make a claim
  1. Liability
  2. Authorise repairs
  3. Dispose of damaged goods

Call us immediately

Call us immediately. If you incur loss or damage to your home or contents, please contact us immediately on 13 46 46, providing full details of the event which has occurred.

Once you have provided us with these details, we will advise you of what is required next. We are available 24 hours a day.

You should promptly forward any writ, summons or proceedings which you receive relating to any prosecution, inquest or hearing and all other information relevant to those matters where any liability under this policy may arise.

Report to police

Immediately advise the police of any malicious damage or act, theft, attempted theft, burglary or loss, and give them a list of items damaged, stolen or lost.

You will need to provide us the police report number, the name of the police officer, station reported to and date reported.

Prevent further loss

Do everything you reasonably can to prevent any further loss or damage from occurring.

Assist us with your claim

Assist us with your claim. You will need to give us any information deemed relevant to your claim, which we may need to handle, assess or investigate your claim, and to arrive at a settlement of your loss or damage. This may include providing us with quotations for the repair or replacement of your loss or damage, or giving evidence in court if required.

If you make a claim and we wish to recover the amount we have paid from another person then, subject to the Insurance Contracts Act, we can do so. And you and any other person entitled to cover under this policy must give us any information and help that we may reasonably require.

Provide proof of ownership

Provide proof of ownership. When you make a claim, you will be required to provide proof of your ownership of the items you are claiming for.

Some acceptable proof of ownership documents are listed below:

  • instruction booklets and owner's manuals,
  • valuations,
  • receipts or accounts of purchase,
  • credit card statements or bank statements showing the
    purchase transaction details,
  • builder or electrician's reports detailing the damage.

Allow us access

Allow us access. You may be required to let us enter your home to investigate the cause of loss or damage following a claim.

Pay your excess

For further information on excesses applicable to your policy, refer to page 56 of the PDS.

Make your damaged property available

Make your damaged property available. You must make your damaged property available for inspection by us or a representative of ours and if we require, deliver the items which have been damaged to us.


Shannons Claim Mate allows you to view and manage your claim online. You must register online with details of a current Shannons policy. Then when you have an active claim you can follow the progress of the claim with the option of changing a vehicle damage assessment booking time, paying your claim excess or completing other permitted transactions. Register or login now.

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