2007 Shannons Sydney Autumn Classic Auction


Lot 10 1950 Holden FX 48-215 Sedan



  • Engine:In-line six-cylinder, 138-cid
  • Gearbox:3-speed manual
  • Body work:Sedan
  • Colour:Black
  • Interior:Red
  • Trim:Vinyl
  • Wheels:Steel disc
  • Brakes:Drums
Holden FX 48-215 Sedan
Holden FX 48-215 Sedan
Holden FX 48-215 Sedan
Holden FX 48-215 Sedan
Holden FX 48-215 Sedan


This lot is no longer available

The car that started it all for Holden was the 48-215, otherwise known as the FX. Launched in November 1948 to critical and commercial acclaim, the new Holden's styling was a mixture of American and British influences and the 'Aerobilt' bodywork was just the right size for Australian conditions. With rugged unitary construction, the FX was solid enough to withstand our often appalling roads and the sturdy six-cylinder "Grey Motor" developed plenty of power, ensuring long distances could be covered with ease. Inside the new Holden came with bench seats front and rear to accommodate up to six passengers in comfort and was made from hard wearing materials able to withstand the sun and dirt, with special attention paid to dust sealing. Contemporary reports on 'Australia's own car', as it was referred to by Holden's publicity, also made reference to the comfortable ride and excellent fuel economy afforded by the lack of excess weight. By the time the FX was succeeded by the FJ in 1953 it had become a best seller, with production reaching a total of 12,402 units but very few have survived the last half-century in good condition. As an important part of our motoring heritage and an Aussie icon, the Holden FX is now sought after by enthusiasts and collectors and always brings a smile and thumbs up wherever it goes.
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